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New Mexico True Asset Website Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the purpose of this website?

A: The purpose of the New Mexico True asset website is to provide New Mexico's Industry Partners and Private Businesses who would like to adopt the New Mexico True brand advertising with a simple way to gather and create promotional materials.


Q:  What is the Brand Book/Ad Builder Guidebook?

A:  The New Mexico Tourism Department created a singular look, feel and message, one that counters the perception that New Mexico is an arid, barren desert with nothing to do. We brought to life the idea that New Mexico is a pristine corner of the world so unspoiled that it is spiritual. The campaign celebrates the beauty, landscape and culture in every nook and cranny of the state. New Mexico is an Adventure That Feeds The Soul. This is a real experience. It's a true experience. That's why we say: New Mexico True.


Q:  How do I register for an account?

A:  If you have not already filled out the required information to obtain access to the asset website, click back to the Homepage by clicking "New Mexico True" at the top of the screen. Begin by filling out the required fields such as Username and E-mail address. If you would like to provide us with your Organization name, Contact name, Address, City/State, and Website, please do so. Agree to the Brand Guideline Agreement and click "Create new account."


Q:  How do I use this website to create an ad?

A:  First register for an account by filling out the required information on the Homepage. Once your account has been approved, review the Ad Builder Guidebook to guide you on the brand approach and view a variety of examples. Before you begin production, download from the Brand Asset Library all the tools you’ll need to prepare content and creative assets including templates, fonts, images and customized logos. Next, create your ad(s) and finally, submit it/them for NMTD approval.


Q:  How long will it take for my account to be approved?

A:  Please allow up to 24 hours for the approval of accounts. In the case that an account is created on a Friday afternoon, please allow until the following Monday for approval.


Q:  How long will it take for my submitted creative to be approved?

A:  Allow four working days for your ad to be reviewed and either approved or marked “In Process” with specific feedback about what needs to be revised.


Q:  Can anyone use this website?

A:  Yes! The purpose of the New Mexico Tourism Department Ad Builder Tool Kit is to provide New Mexico's Industry Partners and Private Businesses with a simple way to align with New Mexico True and leverage the power of our magnetic brand.


Q:  I am a member of the media. Who do I contact for additional photo and video assets?

A:  Media can contact Dan Monaghan at, for immediate assistance. Please specify exact locations for which you are requesting images.


Q:  I forgot my password.

A:  Click HERE to reset your password.


Q:  Do I need to use an image/photograph from the Brand Assets or can I supply my own?

A: The images provided by NMTD are free for you to use, but you may use photographs of your own as well. For tips on image selection, see page 16 of the Ad Builder Guidebook.


Q:  When I try to open one of the .indd template files, I receive an error stating that the file was created with a newer version of Adobe InDesign.

A: All templates were created using Adobe InDesign (CS9.0). If you are using an older version, please use the InDesign Markup Language file (.idml).

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