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Terms & Conditions

New Mexico Tourism Department Photography Terms of Use

Downloading any of the images serves as your agreement to abide by these Terms of Use:


  • Photographs are intended only for use promoting New Mexico and New Mexico tourism.
  • All photographs must include credit in the following format: either on or below the image, include the hashtag version of our logo in either black or white and as a .tif or .png file. Text no longer fulfills our photo credit requirement with the exception noted below for approved New Mexico True ads. Click HERE to download hashtag logos.
  • Ownership and all rights to the photographs remains with the New Mexico Tourism Department (NMTD). NMTD retains the right to revoke or deny permission of use for any reason.
  • Any use of the photos must depict New Mexico in a positive manner.
  • Journalists may use the photos as long as the coverage is positive and includes proper photo credit.
  • Photo credit is not necessary when the photo is used in a New Mexico True-branded advertisement that has completed the full NMTD Ad Builder Toolkit approval process.

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